Programing experiments


Sometimes that’s the little thing that one find useful.
Here is such a thing!


In our app there are lots of time where an operation can be long and we needs to display a wait cursor (Note: unfortunately we use 3rd party data which are impossible to thread, literally!).

I often found this operation cumbersome. You know, store the original cursor, change the cursor, make a try/finally block, restore the original cursor.

So here is a very simple class which do just that very nicely, just with a single line using statement, as in:

using (new WaitCursorBlock()){…}


And here is the code of this simple class:

public class WaitCursorBlock : IDisposable
  Cursor originalCursor;
  public WaitCursorBlock()
    originalCursor = Mouse.OverrideCursor;
    Mouse.OverrideCursor = Cursors.Wait;
  public void Dispose() {Mouse.OverrideCursor = originalCursor;}

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