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Metro App and Effect

Today I thought it is time I get better with shader language (HLSH)!

One problem I had with shaders so far, it is that most of sample on the web use Effects. Sadly, not only Effects are not part of the DirectX SDK (or Windows SDK where it has been integrated on Windows 8), but they are just not allowed in Metro app, where you can’t use the runtime shader compiler, (allegedly ^^) for security reason.

Thankfully Frank Luna came to the rescue! (Frank Luna is the author of the DirectX I am currently learning from).

He posted a .pdf on how to port an example of his book to Metro here, there is a section on effect towards the bottom.

Just in case Frank Luna move his files around I also download it and attached it below!


Also, in shaders the in / out vertex structure are tagged with semantic names which seem to be part of a well known predetermined lot. A bit of Googling found the list of semantic names, good to know, here is the link on MSDN!


Lastly, in most sample I have seen or read so far (it’s not that many, granted! ^^) Shader writer seems to have something against conditional statements.. :~

They use effect to compile multiple shaders at once, depending on some condition (i.e. one effect = multiple shader!!).

But in WinRT there is no effect, dynamic linkage is not supported either.

I decided I will write shaders with conditional statements!! Will see how it goes! ^^

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